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ShelterBox is an official partner project with Rotary International designed to help provide immediate emergency assistance before traditional relief organizations can reach disaster areas due to logistic obstacles. ShelterBox accomplishes this with advance-sponsored boxes/kits (such as from our club), which are pre-positioned in regional warehouses around the world, and are then deployed by participating air forces (including the USAF and RAF) and charter companies immediately into a disaster area. These kits are disaster and area-specific, intended for short-term survival with the most basic necessities to support a family unit of up to ten with approximately ten days of food, water, shelter, heating, tools - until the traditional  disaster relief organizations can reach the affected area.

Shelterbox 03BOur club initially took this on as a worthwhile international project; to date we have sponsored five boxes and one kit.  All but one of the five boxes we sponsored have been deployed to assist in disaster areas around the world: 

2012 Niger - floods

2012 Lebanon - Syrian refugee crisis

2015 Nepal - earthquake

2016 Syria - civil war

2017 Puerto Rico - Hurricane Irma


We have $30.00 towards another Shelter Box (cost is $1,000). Will you help us reach this goal?


ShelterBox Goal 100